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i-crab is a brand created and inspired by women for women so as to make you happy and free.

We want to make you embrace and love your body, colour your vibe while feeling sexy and stylish.

Swimsuits with personality and identity for women who wear an item and not the opposite. The reason that makes i-crab swimsuits unique is YOU, your uniqueness.

In our site you will find whatever you want, swimsuits that can wear during your day not only at the beach, double sided, big variety of colors and of course affordable!

Summer Collection 2023

Discover the all-new fresh Summer Collection 2023. Amazing i-crab swimsuits, new styles and sexy fittings.

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Summer Collection 2023

Summer Collection 2023

Η κομψότητα και το μοναδικό στυλ συναντούν την απόλυτη άνεση στην καταπληκτική... 



Οι αγαπημένες αθλητικές φόρμες icrab! 

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